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Sa. 15.02.2020 10pm

After Art Party 2020 /// 10 years Anniversary!!

House & Techno Floor:

Massimiliano Pagliara (PANORAMA Bar Resident Berlin)
00:30am to 02:30am
soundcloud.com / residentadvisor.net

Musumeci (Italy - DYNAMIC MUSIC)
02:30am to 04:30am
soundcloud.com / people-machines.com

Shahrokh Dini (Compost / Black Label)
04:30am to 05:30am
soundcloud.com / mensch-booking.com

Frische Ernte
11:30pm to 00:30am

10pm to 11:30 pm

Disco floor:

Martin Elble (Straßburg)
10pm to 01am

Dj Cappuccino (Classics - Disco - 70ies - 80ies)
01am to 03:30am

“BELIEbig” Bannwaldallee 48
Ehemals “Boesner” auf dem Gelände der big. Bechtold-Gruppe
Ab 22 bis 05 Uhr
VVK unter: www.reservix.de / VVK: 11€ / Abendkasse: 15€
Studenten nur an der Abendkasse 10€
www.art-karlsruhe.de / www.monk-bar.de

Massimiliano Pagliara: There's an ongoing lust for dialogue when it comes to Italian DJ and producer Massimiliano Pagliara – be it through his collaborations and solo productions, during his DJ sets or on a personal level.

„Musumeci has been a constant in the electronic music scene for over two decades or as he states ‘I have been involved with music for 24 years.‘ Over the years the Sicilian has not only built up a reputation for himself as a DJ, but at the same time has created and defined his own unique sound as a producer and DJ and founded the label Engrave Ltd alongside his mate Dodi Palese.“